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A Moving Rohrschach Test

Two parts:

1. You’re about to move house, and you’re dying to be in your new digs. You’re lucky enough to have access to the new place a full week before you really have to be out of the old place, so you figure you’ll schlep some stuff over a carload at a time and get it moved in. What stuff do you schlep to the new place first?

2. There are now five days remaining before the movers show up, and you’ve got massive amounts of crap to pack, so much that it feels a bit overwhelming. Where do you begin? What do you pack first?

I’m not exactly sure what the answers will tell you — perhaps it’s something akin to, but different from, the house-on-fire-what-do-you-grab scenario. Nonetheless, I’m curious. My answers a bit later. (Packing, in the meantime.)


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