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Running Log, Week 8

Mileage for week: 4 (was meant to be 20)

Number of run days: 1 (was meant to be 4)

Long run for week: 4 (was meant to be 8)

Aches, pains, complaints: Abort! Abort! Abort! This was a disastrous week, beginning with the bloody toe (now healed, and without loss of nail) and moving to a series of complaints including insomnia, palpitations, and a seriously inflamed knee. The good news is that it was meant to be a rest week anyhow, just not quite as resty as I ended up making it. The better news is that I ran the first run of week 9 today, and it felt awesome. Yes, totally awesome. So I’m apparently on the mend. (And, apparently, turning into a surfer-dude. But that could just come from navigating the torrents currently falling from SoCal skies.)


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