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Greetings from Vermont.


I’m here for a Mellon-sponsored workshop on Cinema and Media Studies in the Liberal Arts, and am learning much, making great connections, enjoying a brief blast of fall crispness. I’ll look forward to posting some thoughts from the workshop, perhaps tomorrow, once I’ve had a chance to process them a bit.

In the meantime, a program note: the spam problem has gotten bad enough that I’m done with mere gardening, and am busting out the DDT. I’ve enabled the CAPTCHAs function on ExpressionEngine; in order to comment, you’ll now have to input the text contained in an image. I’m planning in the next few days to enable the “membership” feature as well, which will allow you, should you so choose, to register with the site; members will not be required to deal with the CAPTCHAs in order to comment. My apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause, but the blacklist just isn’t doing it anymore.

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