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Monday Morning Condo Blogging, vol. 9: Long-Distance Edition

Last time we popped by the soon-to-be homestead, we discovered that the stuccoing had begun.

[Stucco 1](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/stucco1.jpg','Stucco 1',620,470);>)

In fact, the building was frozen in mid-stucco, chicken wire still visible, but barely, windows taped and visquined, the whole place seeming a bit sepulchral, but for that red tape.

[Stucco 2](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/stucco2.jpg','Stucco 2',620,470);>)

There’s something deeply symbolic about that red tape, I think, and I suspect that most folks who’ve purchased homes in the past might agree–and perhaps none more than those who have purchased homes still in the process of being built. I got a letter last week from the development company projecting the anticipated date of our closing–which, of course, does not constitute anything resembling a promise!–as December 16, but this a mere ten days after, as I said in our last edition, the construction manager told me that there wasn’t a prayer of the place being released to me before February. So I passed this oddly conflicting set of data points on to the woman managing my mortgage, who told me that the escrow company seems to think that closing will be in November.



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