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Alias, Season 4

So how much you wanna bet that this APO thing turns out to have some super-secret evil underside? Because just like that Vadik/Tomazaki guy says, the best place to hide evil-doing is right out there in the open. And how much more unsubtle can you get than using a key card to slip through a door fifteen feet from the end of the LA subway platform?

Okay, so there’s never anyone in the subway, so it’s probably a pretty good place to hide, if you need one.

Anyhow. I’ve got, appropriately, unanswered questions. Like, okay, the evil “I was born in Virginia but I have an inexplicable British accent” good/bad/good/bad Lauren is dead. Great. But what became of the rest of the Covenant? Is the regular CIA still fighting them, while this new black-ops group will be taking on some new Big Bad?

And why do you need a new black-ops group anyhow? So far, the missions look pretty much exactly alike. We get Marshall telling Dixon that he’d never have let them do that, but you know he’d have totally looked the other way anyhow.

Yes, I am more invested in this than is probably good for me.


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