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As a Demonstration of How Much Work I've Gotten Done Today

I’m contemplating a switch from Safari to Firefox, but am hampered by the fact that This Very Site displays crappily therein. The top banner here is composed of a DIV with a background color of the blue you see at left, and said DIV contains a right-aligned image that fades into the same blue. The problem is that Firefox for whatever reason refuses to show the background color in a DIV that contains positioned elements. I’ve searched for a workaround, and tinkered way longer with my CSS than I ought to have, and am officially giving up and asking the Internet for help. If you’ve got it, and are willing to share, I’d be most appreciative.

And as long as I’m at it: I’ll confess that I’ve been using Entourage 2004 since it came out, mainly because the IT folks at my institution are heavily invested in our Exchange mail system. (I know, I know.) Though it’s got some good features (the full integration of mail/calendar/address book is nice, as is the project center, as is the vast improvement in its Palm-syncing capability), I break out in hives every time I contemplate my dependence on such a Microsoft product. So I’m beginning to consider either reverting to iCal/ or testing out Thunderbird. Any thoughts?

Okay, and now I’m really going back to work.


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