As a Demonstration of How Much Work I’ve Gotten Done Today

I’m contemplating a switch from Safari to Firefox, but am hampered by the fact that This Very Site displays crappily therein. The top banner here is composed of a DIV with a background color of the blue you see at left, and said DIV contains a right-aligned image that fades into the same blue. The problem is that Firefox for whatever reason refuses to show the background color in a DIV that contains positioned elements. I’ve searched for a workaround, and tinkered way longer with my CSS than I ought to have, and am officially giving up and asking the Internet for help. If you’ve got it, and are willing to share, I’d be most appreciative.

And as long as I’m at it: I’ll confess that I’ve been using Entourage 2004 since it came out, mainly because the IT folks at my institution are heavily invested in our Exchange mail system. (I know, I know.) Though it’s got some good features (the full integration of mail/calendar/address book is nice, as is the project center, as is the vast improvement in its Palm-syncing capability), I break out in hives every time I contemplate my dependence on such a Microsoft product. So I’m beginning to consider either reverting to iCal/ or testing out Thunderbird. Any thoughts?

Okay, and now I’m really going back to work.


  1. How could I resist?

    So, first of all, you need to fix the missing quotes on your image (align=right should be align=”right”) so that everything validates. Then you need to delete one of your two calls to your css, since you’re duplicating all the information by having both a linked and an imported CSS file.

    Finally, I was able to fix the display by removing the wrapper div entirely. The only problem is that it then shows the entire image, rather than cropping it–that’s easy enough to fix if you simply use an image that’s already the size you want.

  2. You know, I seriously thought about just emailing you directly, Liz — I knew that if anybody had the knowledge/patience to come up with an answer, it’d be you!

    Of course, I began the whole process by checking the validation — the missing quotes around “right” were an error created today as I tinkered. Thanks for catching that. And I’m darned curious how I ended up with two calls to the CSS.

    But I’m not yet getting the results that you are by removing the wrapper div. I’m going to have to tinker some more, I think. Fortunately, it’s now late enough that I won’t feel guilty about it!

  3. I forgot to note that I’m also puzzled about the image-size issue you mention — I’m actually not sizing the image anywhere in the CSS or HTML. The image opens for me in another window as the same size it shows in the banner….

  4. Okay. Got rid of the wrapper div. Took the float that had been in the wrapper css and moved it to the blogtitle. Took the clear:both from the blogtitle and moved it to the menubar. Got rid of the spacer. Everything works now, though I had to get rid of the 1px white border around the blogtitle in order to do this. (The 10px red top border had been contained in the wrapper; to move that to the blogtitle, I had to get rid of the 1px white top border that had been there, and so I got rid of the 1px white top border in the menubar, too.)

    More info than anyone but me needs, but I want to remember what I did….

  5. So why are you thinking about switching?

    FWIW, I switched from Safari to Firefox about 6 months ago, mainly because I was getting tired of manually refreshing the gmail interface. But aside from minor feature differences, I’ve always considered Safari and Firefox to be roughly equivalent. (except: oh yeah, rss feeds in Firefox, that’s a big difference…)

    Just curious is all.

  6. Hmmm. Partly because Firefox seems to have some slight speed-advantages and greater flexibility in terms of extensions.

    Partly due to the kind of software experimentation I inevitably do when I have a big project in front of me and am procrastinating in order not to face the terror of not quite knowing where to begin.


  7. I keep three or four browsers up at all times. iCab because of its awesome special features — argument-passing to search engines, super-dooper form-filling abilities, etc. Camino because I like the look and feel. Safari because that’s what my campus portal likes. And sometimes Firefox for ornery webpages.

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