And Then This Week

Well, I suppose that three out of six isn’t half bad:

  • Finish book manuscript review for press.
  • Do reading & write letter for tenure review.
  • Prepare two conference presentations for next week.
  • Outline fall courses and order books.
  • Move office.
  • Refrain from freaking out over the fact that by the time I get back from next week’s conference trip, it’s pretty much going to be July, leaving only six weeks between me and my Big Looming Deadline.

The office move was overcome by events, or rather by the failure of events to actually eventuate, to wit: the furniture for the new office, scheduled to arrive Monday, where “Monday” apparently = “sometime between Monday and Friday,” actually showed up Friday morning. Or part of it did. The rest will come in next week, while I’m gone. As will the movers themselves, as they were booked up on Friday. Which means that the move will now not be completed until after I return from next week’s conference trip, which is not doing wonders for that last bullet point, I’ll tell ya.

I’m working on the conference presentations today, however, and will continue that work on the plane. I’m pretty sure I ought to be more nervous than I am at my wild overconfidence on that front, but I can only manage so much stress at this point, and the last week just took it out of me.

The coming week of course promises to be a flurry of activity in its own right; I’m heading east early tomorrow morning to begin a week of conferencing in the DC area. The week begins with Digital Humanities 2009, hosted by the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities at the University of Maryland, College Park, followed by THATcamp 09, hosted by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. I’ll hope to post from those venues, where I’ll be talking about MediaCommons and issues related to digital scholarly publishing; if you’re there, be sure to say hello.

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