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Yesterday was the first full day of the Digital Humanities 2009 conference, the first iteration of which I’ve gotten to attend. So far the conference has been fantastic — and it promises to get even better (for me, at least) today, as my presentation was yesterday, and now I can sit back and absorb.

I’ve posted the slides from my presentation at SlideShare, though (typically) they’re pretty useless without the notes or me actually giving the presentation.


I wanted this up here in no small part because my second-to-last slide actually showed up blank during the presentation itself. At the last minute, just before the presentation began, I converted the presentation from white-on-black to black-on-white, which showed up much better on a fairly dim projector — but it turns out that I’d manually set the Cathy Davidson quote to white text, so I got to that point in the presentation and… invisible quotation.

Anyhow, here it is. This was the first time I presented this material, which comes from the last chapter of the book, and I have to say that it went extremely well. Part of how well might be seen in the Wordle cloud @jawalsh put together of yesterday’s #dh09 Twitter stream:

Picture 1

This may be the only time I’m bigger than Lev Manovich.

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