And What Did You Accomplish Today?

Me? Nada. I didn’t even get the load of laundry I meant to do done (though there’s still time for that, I guess). Best yet, I didn’t even pretend to work — instead, I laid around, read purely for fun, got caught up on Six Feet Under, talked on the phone, and made a lovely dinner. That’s the entirety of my day.

The good news is that it was absolutely beautiful, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

The bad news is… where did it go?

And you?

6 thoughts on “And What Did You Accomplish Today?

  1. Unfortunately for my productivity in the near, well, ever, I recently “discovered” Wikipedia — in the sense that I finally gave in and made an account to rewrite an article that had been bugging me. And then, well, there was another article that had problems, and another . . . and suddenly I understand how people rack up thousands of edits in a month. This thing is crack.

  2. I edited an essay I’m working on (the one begun in OmniOutliner). Watered the lawn. Attached feet to an ottoman I bought at Target. Had some friends over for Settler of Catan. Drank from Jim Beam and Coke.

  3. I finished a Trollope novel. And started another Trollope novel. And also a 20th century bit of fluff novel (because I should get some proper summer reading in before summer is over).

    And went to mass.

    And took a nap.

    And stayed up late because I took a very long nap.

  4. Apparently the sloth was municipal — I read children’s books all day, and then Special K and I watched *Mallrats* on tv. And I took two naps.

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