The Dumbest Thing I’ve Done Lately

Gave our work-study students a stack of four photocopied articles that I’ve used in coursepacks for the last few years, asking them to track down and photocopy the title and copyright pages for the texts that each came from, so that I can scan the whole thing into PDFs. Several days later, work-study student #1 lets me know that she’s having trouble finding the editions I used for two of the articles, and asks whether another edition might suffice. As I ponder a response, my eyes travel over my bookshelves — where those two editions sit, smugly waiting for me to figure it out.


  1. Hey KF – a dumb thing for me to say in this forum, but did you know that the Duplication dept. will scan and PDF your articles for you? Fast too.

    Just be sure to specify the ppi. Otherwise you’ll get mega-files.

  2. Considering my jaw just hit the table, I think it’s safe to say no, I didn’t know that. This is really helpful news. Thanks!

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