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AOIR 5.1

Friday was travel day — SuperShuttle at 9.55 am; flight out of Ontario at 12.40 pm (yes, SuperShuttle requires the better part of three hours to get you 15 miles); arrival in Houston at 5.49 pm, followed by traditional GHWBIA sprint to 6.40 flight to London; 9.30 am-ish arrival at Gatwick on Saturday; 10.10 train to Brighton, whence change to 10.54 train to Falmer. Brief walk to campus; brief walk across campus to residence; brief walk to campus center to obtain cash and phone card; brief walk back to bed, and hours and hours of blissful sleep.

The conference begins today — about half an hour ago, in fact — and I’m sorry to say that I won’t be able to blog as much of it as last year. Internet access is something of a problem here, ironically enough given the nature of the conference: the campus is full of wi-fi, but we can’t use it; the campus lab we have access to is slightly less than half-functional (I’m on one of the working machines now); the “internet access” advertised as available in campus accomodations is in fact the ability to use a calling card to dial-up to one’s ISP, and if one’s ISP is in the US…

Ah, well. I hope that these problems get rectified shortly. For now, on to the show.


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