Monday Morning Condo Blogging, vol. 4:  The Grouchy One Without Pictures

This has not been the greatest morning in the history of conference attendance. I woke up late today, had to rush through my shower–which turns out to have been a blessing in disguise, like really really in disguise, as I ran out of hot water about two minutes into the shower. I’m annoyed enough that I’m almost afraid to complain to someone, lest they say something to me about short showers and water conservation and I wind up getting all “I live in a desert, don’t talk to me about water conservation” on their ass.

The good part of this morning was that I was allowed to eat breakfast even though I arrived five minutes after the putative close of breakfast service. I’m annoyed enough, however, that I keep forgetting that, in fact, no one even mentioned my lateness or hinted that I might not be able to eat. In my very jet-lagged, quite perturbed brain, it’s as though they tried to stop me eating, and I had to argue my way into it. I had the argument in my head, which was apparently sufficient to produce the annoyance.

Okay, right, this was intended to be about the condo. Yes. I have more pictures, taken with the new camera, but they’re alas trapped on both the camera and the PowerBook, and I have no way of getting them from either of those devices to the internet right now. And perhaps that’s the greatest annoyance of all: it’s my webgod-given right to condo-blog–not to mention, to conference-blog–and I’m being stymied at every turn.

Grrr. I’m off to a panel on collaborative writing and the like, and I’m hoping that some serious intellectual stimulation might help improve my attitude, PDQ.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Condo Blogging, vol. 4:  The Grouchy One Without Pictures

  1. Who was it that wrote “England, My England”? No matter — were *I* to write “England, My England,” it would be full of anemic cold showers, intransigent porters, and broken promises of connectivity. And abysmal institutional food, let’s not forget that.

    Here’s to happy conferring, to make it all worthwhile. And may you not come down with the grippe on the plane home, as I did.

  2. “it’s my webgod-given right to condo-blog…”

    Agreed! Anyone who gets in your way should expect a forecast of VENGEANCE! May all of their hot water be divinely rerouted to you.

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