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I’ve been watching various blogs of folks preparing for their trips to Toronto for next week’s AoIR. I’m headed there, myself, though sadly not giving a paper; at the time the CFP went out, I was committed to an ASA panel (ASA being, of course, the same weekend), but then, as I fully expected to happen, given my rotten luck, the panel was rejected by the ASA, and I found myself conference-less. Happily, I was able to offer myself to the AoIR conference organizers as a roving panel chair. I have no earthly idea what panel(s) I’ll be moderating, though, as they’ve never let me know anything beyond accepting my services.

I will hope to meet up with some of you there — I’ll be the one wandering around with the beatific smile, experiencing the too-rare joy of soaking up a conference without having to perform.

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