Lost in Translation

This site has been making the blog-rounds of late, but it’s still worth playing with, for the odd poetry (and even odder critical commentary) that it’s capable of producing. Input a line of English text, and Lost in Translation will use Babelfish to translate it into French, and then translate that result back into English, and on from there into German, English, Italian, English, Portuguese, English, Spanish, and finally English once more. As jill/txt points out, “I love you,” run through this mill, becomes “Master to him.” My own personal favorite thus far, however, is “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,” which morphs into “The dream of loaded white man.”

Now that’s deep.

3 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

  1. I put in “that just damn well blows my mind brother” and got back “the this right of spendthrift nothing totally burns to brother of the ways he alcohol” and then I asked it a question I was going to ask you: “What did you think of Murray in Lost in Translation?”

    The answer I got back was “That thing that you thought next to Murray, that one was lost for the interior in the translation?”

    I agree.

  2. “To be, or not to be” emerges as “This intelligence of him, of which it is not decided, of being”–perhaps a better interpretation of the line than I would have produced as an undergrad.

    And when I enter “I am you,” the program cheekily responds, “The dog you are.” Touche, Babelizer. Well played.

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