1. Not completely unheard of, no. Perhaps a bit less heard of this far inland, but who knows. It’s the thunderstorm aspect that always freaks me out here — it’s just so rare that I’m not used to that whole boom crash thing anymore.

    Weather memory is a strange thing, though. When I first moved here, a colleague of mine told me “it never rains here before Halloween.” Which is patently untrue — it always rains here at least once before Halloween. But it always seems to come out of nowhere, a deluge in the midst of drought, and thus seems way weirder than perhaps it is.

    I’d contrast this with the winter situation in New York. Every year for the five years I lived there, the last snowstorm of the season happened during the first week of April. And every single year, people said repeatedly, “it never snows here this late!” I only had those five years to go on, but I couldn’t help but respond, “no, it always snows here this late.” The difference being that this was a specific moment — last first week in April — as opposed to the one random rainstorm that could happen anytime between late August and Thanksgiving. Yes, we get one, but that hardly qualifies as a weather pattern, I think.

  2. Now that you mention it, when I used to live in Claremont, I don’t remember thunder and lightning at all. Although my brother was living in Sherman Oaks at the same time and he told me of all the people in his neighborhood going to the top of a hill to watch a lightning storm which indicates at least one of the following:

    1. Lightning is rare in the San Fernando Valley

    2. People in Sherman Oaks are really dumb.

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