Maybe It’s Just Me

Something very weird is afoot. I’ve been daypopped for no reason that I can discern. Through some weird glitch in the matrix, I own spots 9-16 out of the top 40, and number 14, the one of the batch that isn’t one of my pages, is referenced by a link from this page. And it’s not even like the posts in question are terribly interesting.

I’m beginning to think that I’m producing some kind of weird electrical charge that’s blowing transformers and creating a false magnetic north in the net. Something like this, perhaps.

4 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Just Me

  1. I came through Daypop. It just gets weird sometimes — once it had 10 personal pages from some secondary school in the list.

    So, uh, hi.

  2. Hi, Jon! The good news is that lots of new folks are popping by. The bad news is that they’re popping by into posts where all I do is bitch about how busy I am, or that my lights keep going out. And how interesting is that? (And oh sure, one guy really likes “Manhole Cover Go Boom,” but the whole internets? I dunno.)

    Anyhow, pop back by sometime. I promise more interesting, if equally self-obsessed, maundering on many themes.

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