Because I Am Precisely That Nuts

And because I didn’t feel like working today: I managed to find a way to export my content from ExpressionEngine and import it into WordPress. And I’ve found a theme I rather like, and futzed with it until I like it even better. And I’ve gotten just about everything working the way I want.

Except for my permalinks, which are completely hosed. Now to attempt to teach myself mod_rewrite, to see if this is salvageable, or if I’m going to have to manually fix all my internal links and use a general 404 page for everyone coming in from the outside…


  1. Cool Рwelcome to WP! I was able to find an effective link redirect mod for MT to WP when I migrated, so google around to see if anything is out there for EE. The only thing that crapped out on my migration were many links within blog posts that got wiped in the WP version. Good luck…

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