mod_rewrite is determined to kill me. Here’s what I managed to figure out: I can use mod_rewrite to rewrite my URLs from


And I can, theoretically, use another set of rewrite rules to replace the underscores with hyphens. And then at least many of my inbound links should transfer to the new WordPress permalink scheme.


I couldn’t make it work to save my life. It has taken me much of the day yesterday, and most of the day today, with lots of back and forth with someone on my hosting provider’s forums, to get part one of the rewriting — eliminating the “/” chunk — to work. I’m not getting much of anywhere with the rewriting of underscores to hyphens.

One begins to wonder how much trouble is really worth it.


  1. This is just a message to say that I ROCK. Walked away for about an hour, and the solution just came to me.

    Stand by for massive site transformation, shortly.

  2. I’m contemplating a similar transition myself. I don’t know enough about the coding to get too far under the hood, but good to know that others have been able to make the permalinks work.

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