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Welcome, Almost

The transition to WordPress has thus far gone fairly well, and what you see is roughly the site you’ll see once I’m done. However, I’ve got one significant problem that’s going to require me to go offline briefly this morning, I think: I originally installed WP via a one-click install in my testing subdomain (, and once I was ready to go, changed the installation’s options to reflect the proper URL and moved all the files to the top-level domain ( For whatever reason, though, WP in this new location seems not to think that I’m the owner of the files. The permissions are set identically to the permissions in the “new” subdomain, but I keep getting funky “if this file were writable, you could edit it” messages from WP, which suggests that something’s wrong. I’m about to attempt a backup and reinstall, so if things go away briefly… well, hopefully they’ll be back.


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