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By the Numbers

There’s an interesting analysis out from the Wall Street Journal showing the potential effects of the results from the latest Battleground States poll by Zogby. is also tracking poll results from a variety of sources.

Let me hereby state that I am (a) no political scientist, (b) no social scientist, and (c) not terribly good with that whole statistical analysis thing. I know there’s a bunch of criticism that’s been leveled at Zogby for his atypical methods and his personal Democraticness. And I know there’s an argument to be made that, by compiling the results of multiple pollsters, is equating apples and oranges.

But my goodness, how comforting I find those numbers.

And then right behind that, how completely freaked out I am that I’m comforted by anything appearing in or affiliated with the WSJ.

And then, not too far behind, comfort again, because one assumes the WSJ has no reason to falsely boost the Kerry campaigh.

So I’m going with comfort, which I just thought I’d share.


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