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Monday Morning Condo Blogging, vol. 3, Only Two Weeks and One Day Late*

You’d think I’d forgotten about this lovely feature, the way I’ve been not posting about the imminent condo. But two things serve to remind me to post something real-estate oriented today: first, my new digital camera arrived today. Thanks for all your recommendations; I ended up going with the Canon PowerShot A85, with which I’m pretty happy so far. Today’s pics don’t come from that camera, but some will, darned soon.

The second reminder was a voice mail message from my sales office telling me that it’s time to go pick my granite. Not as in which color or style granite I want, but as in which slab. I get to go poke around a yard full of granite. It’s almost worth being in escrow for that.

On to today’s pictures:

[Framing 3.1](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/framing_3.1.jpg','Framing 3.1',599,399);>)

These pictures date from August 15, a week after the previous images of the framed-up building I posted. On the one hand, it’s hard to see much in the way of progress.

[Framing 3.2](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/framing_3.2.jpg','Framing 3.2',599,399);>)

On the other hand, the building is gradually becoming not see-through.

[Framing 3.3](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/framing_3.3.jpg','Framing 3.3',599,399);>)

I’m popping by momentarily with the new camera, and so will have fresh images for you shortly.


*Actually, it’s only two weeks late. I expected not to get the entry finished today, but instead to post it tomorrow, and forgot to change the title when I decided to go ahead and hit publish.


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