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CFP: MLA 2009

The following is a call for papers for a session sponsored by the MLA’s Media and Literature Discussion Group, to be held at the 2009 convention in Philadelphia.

Media Studies and the Digital Scholarly Present

Not the future of digital scholarly publishing but the material form of such mediated communication as it exists today. 1-page abstract and short vita by March 15 to Kathleen Fitzpatrick, kfitzpatrick AT pomona DOT edu.

The thing is so short in large part because the MLA gives us 35 characters for the entire description, title included. (Perhaps they get something about Twitter? CFP as tweet at 25% scale?) Oddly, though, having gotten it down to those specs, I find myself with not that much to add: we’re hoping that the panel will position itself in distinction to the many offerings about the future of digital scholarship by conducting an exploration of the material form of current digital publishing projects, from a media studies perspective.

The sneaky part of our motivation here lies in attempting to demonstrate to the MLA that not only does the organization need media studies in order to flourish into the future, but that media studies is already there, already doing the work that the MLA someday hopes to get to.

So: proposals or queries to me. I’ll hope to hear from you.


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