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I’m getting loads of comment spam of late that is not bot-produced, but rather manually added, designed to generate google juice for some commercial site by taking advantage of the misimpression that this blog is a “do-follow” rather than a “no-follow” site. You might see an example of that in the comment most recently left on the MediaCommons post; the comment’s “author” was originally listed as something akin to “Buy My Product!”, and of course the URL given was the product’s website.

So here’s the deal: if I think your attempt to place an ad on my site is no more than that, you’re getting relegated to the spam bin. If I actually think the comment has some value despite being a lame attempt at increasing your page rank, I may keep it, but I’m deleting your author name and URL.

But let me clear up this misimpression here and now: this site does use the no-follow tag in all its commenter-added links. So please just save us both the trouble and stop. Thanks.

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  1. The urge to leave a comment breaking all of those rules is almost irresistible. But instead I will just say: do you think we’ll ever get to a point where automated spam goes away? We’ll always have some amount of manual hucksterism, of course–that predates the internet by some millenia–but this cheap and easy stuff that pays for itself with an infinitesimal rate of return… we’ve got to figure out a way to get rid of it somehow, right?

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