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CommentPress: New (Social) Structures for New (Networked) Texts

Late last spring, I attended “New Structures, New Texts,” a very exciting one-day meeting of folks from various academic publishing units, both press-affiliated and library-affiliated, who are all engaged in attempting to think through the problems and opportunities that the digital poses for scholarly communication. After that meeting, I began work on an article inspired in part by our discussions there, and in part by the Institute for the Future of the Book’s release of CommentPress, a WordPress-based publishing structure for finely commentable texts. I published the article in CommentPress as a draft and revised it based on the discussion there.

I’m happy to announce that the article is now being published simultaneously by the Journal of Electronic Publishing and by MediaCommons. The latter version is in CommentPress, and is thus open for comments and discussion.

I’m particularly interested in beginning a discussion in the “general comments” area of the article about the look-and-feel of the document; CommentPress is one of the primary technologies that MediaCommons currently has at its disposal, and it would be great for us to spend some time thinking about how the technology might work for us, what possibilities we can imagine for it, and what kinds of future development we’d like to see.


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