The Return of the Review

The other thing I’ve been meaning to post about: my friend Bill Tipper has for the last several months been overseeing the rebirth of editorial content at Barnes & Noble online, in the form of the new Barnes & Noble Review, an editorially-independent book review of the sort that has of late been disappearing from most major newspapers.

This is particularly exciting to me for two reasons: first, because my last job during grad school was as a reviewer for the early Barnes & Noble website, before the competition they were facing from Amazon led them to eschew the editorial in favor of the marketing; I’ve felt for years that they’d made the wrong choice, that readers might be led to make purchases through B&N rather than Amazon if they focused on original content rather than neutral, database-driven volume.

And second, because I’ve got a review up there today, of Daniel Solove’s The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet. It’s awfully nice to get back to a bit of mainstream book-reviewing; I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed it.

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