So I’m wondering: have I completely alienated what little audience I ever had, such that no one’s reading this thing except for the bots and the crawlers, or have I somehow cowed everyone (except for a few hardy souls who know me personally) into silence? If you’re out there, speak up; inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. So I’m wondering: have I completely missed out on some super-alienating post that’s pissed off all of your other readers?

    Happy birthday, btw…


  2. Nah, you haven’t managed to scare off all your stalkers yet. Just, well, not much to say, and I feel intrusive when I comment anyway.

  3. Still here. Just too much of a lurker to comment normally.

  4. I guess I’m probably part of your newer batch of converts… but am here.

  5. … and sometime you’ve got to post about the software you’re using here for your blog.

  6. well, I do check in on you — ever since I found your great Tribble post (and great follow-up tidbit.)

    However, when I’ve read, commented and blogrolled someone and they’ve never commented on my site (or read it as far as I know), and I haven’t even seen many comments from them on the blogs of folks we both have on our blogrolls, I assume that we may not have all that many interests in common. I sound snarky — but I’m also making an invitation.

    BTW, I thought that 38 was a great age, and hope you enjoy it immensely.

  7. Still lurking. Syllabi not yet done.

  8. I pretty much just read blogs all day long, yours included, so I appreciate the frequent posts. I am particularly intrigued by what you say with respect to Six Feet Under. I have all the episodes here in quicktime files and I rewatch them constantly (when I am not reading blogs) to the point where I feel more like a character on the set of the show rather than just one of the millions of spectators. I’ve never been so territorial with a show, but when someone else talks about it now I feel like they are talking aboutmy show.

  9. Still here, KF. Just insanely busy the past month or so.

  10. I’m still hanging around, too–and happy late birthday !

  11. What? This thing is interactive?

  12. (oh, and happy birthday!)

  13. WELL…This is my stupid little theory, but now that people do the rss feed thing, it makes commenting more of an effort, which makes you feel even more like it has to be a worthwhile comment to DO that…I never know who reads my blog either (probably nobody, since I don’t write very well or often).

  14. Incline, I think that’s exactly true. I know that’s what’s happened to me, and is part of what sparked my anxieties about the sense I had that I was shouting down a well.

    Incidentally, this, AC, is a big part of why you might not see me commenting all over the place — I tend not to leap into other folks’ conversations unless I have something really substantive to add, a feeling that’s exacerbated by the fact that I’ve been doing most of my reading, of late, via Bloglines.

    Anyhow, thanks to all of you for humoring me. I’m gratified to know that you’re out there.

    And thanks for the birthday wishes!

  15. Can’t wait until I can stop by daily again! Alas, I’m in beginning-of-semester and dissertating hell right now . . .

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