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Today began utterly unceremoniously, with a trip to the eye doctor. Things were not looking good when I arrived; the waiting room was completely full, and about fifteen minutes into my wait my eye doctor herself appeared and began calling patients back into her exam rooms. Perhaps because she was so overloaded today, however, she decided not to do the full dilation and refraction, despite the fact that I hadn’t been to see her in a couple of years. Actually, she did a couple of other tests before determining that it wasn’t necessary, so I don’t feel like I’ve been blown off or anything. And I don’t have to spend the day squinting. And the copayment was a mere $15.

And I have nothing on my calendar between now and 3.45 this afternoon, so I plan to take my birthday officially OFF.

And what’s on my calendar at 3.45 is a massage, courtesy of R.

And tonight a couple of my pals are coming over and cooking dinner in my fabulous kitchen.

If you’ve got to be 38, there are worse ways of going about it.



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