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Here’s where I’ve been, and where I’ll continue to be for a bit yet:

  • Due early last week: invites to speakers for spring symposium; completed.
  • Due late last week: a chunk of grading for both of my classes; completed. (At least until the next chunk of grading, which is coming due soon.)
  • Due last Friday: a response to a set of reviews of my book (coming soon to a blog post near you); completed.
  • Due Monday: my assigned chunks of a big grant narrative being jointly written with some colleagues; completed (but the entire thing will need some putting together and polish yet).
  • Due Monday: a big, high-stakes internal proposal on behalf of my program; completed (though may need revision).
  • Due Monday: student letter of recommendation number 1; completed.
  • Due Monday: book review for new online publication (about which more later); still reading the book.
  • Due next week: student letters of recommendation numbers 2 and 3; not yet begun.
  • Due by the end of next week: a very significant review letter for a colleague at another institution; reading in progress but writing not yet begun.
  • Due week after next: a letter of recommendation for a former student applying for a grant; not even on the radar screen yet.
  • Due sometime very shortly after that: a peer review for a journal; barely even on the list of priorites at the moment.

And this of course does not even begin to account for little things like, say, preparing to teach my classes tomorrow, or doing the reading I need to get done for a small research colloquium I’m participating in.

I’m going back under. See you when I next get to breathe.



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