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I just got the following email message from a colleague on the far side of the country, with whom I actually haven’t been in contact in at least four or five years:

Hi, Kathleen–

I hope you’re well. I wanted to tell you that I just received a great packet from V.U.P. (with a color copy of the book jacket) hawking your book for my classes on lit. & technology, where it would indeed be a good fit. I’m requesting an examination and can’t wait to read it. The press seems to be promoting it energetically–a nice surprise, from an academic publisher.

I think I’m even more surprised than he is. I’ve been afraid for a while now that — well, the book’s been out for over a year, and I was afraid it had run its course. Reviews are yet to appear, naturally, given the painful slowness of academic publishing cycles, but I was quite afraid that the book was drifting into backlist senescence. Needless to say, I’m thrilled to know that the publisher is not only keeping it in active circulation, but marketing it smartly. To echo my colleague’s subject line: Vandy rocks!


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