I admit this morning I’m pretty astonished. Season 2 of Deadwood was astonishing throughout, but I just didn’t see the final episode coming together terribly well. There were just so many subplots, and so many of them had become either maudlin or tangential, that I just couldn’t imagine how they’d manage to wrap anything like everything up in an hour. But the episode was just breathtaking in the way that it managed to dance among the narratives. The overlay of the wedding with the other various negotiations taking place in the camp was just genius. And it just hadn’t occurred to me until last night how much I’d missed Gerald McRaney. And while I said to myself at a certain moment in the episode, “Cy Tolliver’s on his way to being a dead man,” I just didn’t see the mode of conveyance coming.

And all I have to say now is thank god Six Feet Under is about to start again, because I’d be utterly bereft otherwise…

One thought on “Deadwood

  1. deadwood!! i just watched season one, along with some of the special features. ricky jay….have you seen his deteriorating dice exhibition at the museum of jurassic technology?

    also, the director had some funny things to say about language.

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