Purely FYI, IYI —

These turn out to be cysts, as I’d expected.

This one is growing back in nicely.

This one turned out to be dead after all, but refused to depart on its own. After a little clipper-intervention, it turned out that there was another one, already half-grown, underneath it.

These start tomorrow morning, with an incursion into Photoshop.

— I’m currently here. I ought to be meeting up with some of these folks later in the week.

This now includes an August trip here.

Life, both on the whole and in the particulars, is good.

3 thoughts on “Follow-ups

  1. Good news on pretty much every front. If you ever make it into the deep dark city, give me a ring. Also, I saw in another entry that you IM– I’m “jake the haus”, drop me a note sometime!

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