Stupid Bloody Toe

Sigh. I just finished today’s run, which was harder than I’d have liked, mostly because of the vast quantities of beer and ice cream I consumed yesterday in celebration of my official entry into the ranks of the real-estate-owning bourgeoisie. But I slogged through, only to discover that the slogging was more literal than metaphorical — I took off my left shoe, post-run, to discover a sock full of blood.

I’ve got that one toenail that’s never been “normal,” that always struck me as looking somewhat deformed, and that has caused several pedicurists varying degrees of concern. But it’s never really given me any trouble. Just mild disgust.

Except now it’s bleeding like crazy. But from where, I can’t tell. This has produced enough curiosity in me that I felt like I had to let the Internet in on it. I’m filled with questions, like, it’s not that I cut the toenail too short or something, because I last cut it nearly a week ago, and since then have done a two-mile, an eight-mile, a three-mile, a six-mile, and now a four-mile run, so why the bleeding today? And does this mean I’m going to lose the toenail? And if I do, will it grow back deformed again, or could I actually get a normal toenail out of the deal?

And why is it that I can have so much intellectual curiosity about my bloody toenail and yet have such a hard time finishing an article that I’ve actually been looking forward to writing?


  1. Very interesting site. Funny too.

    Your email contact addresses are all screwed up.

    Anyway, hi from London. Is it safe to have a microwave so close above an oven top?

    I have more pertinent things to say but for now that will suffice (I think?)


  2. Hi, Dan. Thanks for the concern. I was meant only to have the one email contact address here; the other had gotten overrun by spam. Their format is also supposed to help foil spam — and trust me, even that tiny bit of robot-deterrent helps.

    As to the microwave, it’s actually a combination microwave/hood, so it’s meant to sit that close. Thanks for checking.

  3. No longer bloody. Which is good. The knee to which it is connected, however, via the ankle bone and the shin bone and several inflamed tendons, is a whole nother story. I’m taking a few well-earned rest days before hopping back in.

  4. Sorry to hear your toenail is not quite normal. Which toe is it on? Everyone I have known with a toenail issue has always had it on their big toe. No doubt because that one seems to take the most abuse.

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