On Procrastination

What I’m supposed to be doing during break:

  • Updating a grant proposal for our development folks
  • Finishing the Media Studies program’s self-study report
  • Finishing a long-overdue article on Richard Powers
  • Writing a memo to the dean about a proposed educational technology center in Claremont
  • Writing the critical theory apparatus for the Pearson anthology
  • Reading the stack of new books I rashly decided to teach in the spring

What I’ve been doing:

  • Updating grant proposal! Hurrah! One thing off list!
  • Tinkering with self-study report without actually adding new text necessary to finish it
  • Re-reading Gain for the third time in preparation for finishing said Powers paper
  • Upgrading blog software, adding gallery, futzing with CSS, and generally fooling around with blog in utterly non-productive way
  • Oh, yeah: closing escrow. Today, I think. Which mostly results in me sitting by the phone and calling my home voicemail with a ridiculous frequency in order to find out whether anything horrible has gone wrong.

The hope is that laying it out this plainly will produce guilt and shame sufficient to get me to accomplish something work-oriented in the next week. We’ll see how it goes.

3 thoughts on “On Procrastination

  1. Indeed, escrow has now been closed. I’m officially a homeowner! (And carrying an amount of debt that would have made me do a spit-take a few years ago. But, hey — it’s SoCal. There’s no land left. So there’s nowhere for the market to go but up. Right?)


  2. Indeed. And, in a further stroke of — well, I can’t decide if it’s luck or just a more elaborate version of the old mill-town company-store scam — my employer is my lender. So they can keep getting repaid by keeping me gainfully employed.

    On the other hand, I can now never leave their employ, at least not without having to either sell or refinance PDQ.

    Did somebody say something about indentured servitude?

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