What is it about being at home that makes me stop blogging? I posted ever so regularly during the Paris sojourn, and even managed the occasional post during the three frenetic weeks of travel that followed. But now I’ve been home for over a week, and I’ve managed one lousy little post in that time. And even managed to fail to link to the key item in that post.

But it’s not just my own blog I’ve been ignoring; I’ve got an alarming number of unread posts in my news reader. Something’s keeping me out of my usual mode of web activity. Maybe it’s my panic at the impending semester, and how much I’ve still got to do before I’m ready to roll. Maybe it’s my painful awareness of the number of my summer tasks that are still unfinished, and that need to be wrapped up ASAP. But maybe, too, it’s just the joy that I’ve taken in being offline these last few days, puttering around the condo and making the physical space in which I live feel like home again.

Whatever the cause, I’m hoping the silence doesn’t last long. In fact, here’s this, partially designed to keep me from feeling too comfortable in the long pause.

One thought on “Deblogging

  1. Your adoring readers have missed you here! All things considered, it’s not surprising that you’ve had a period of radio-silence, though. Happy re-entry into the academic year!

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