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'University Publishing in a Digital Age,' in a Digital Age

A while back, I mentioned the release of the Ithaka report on University Publishing in a Digital Age. Ithaka has now partnered with the Scholarly Publishing Office of the University of Michigan Library and with the Institute for the Future of the Book to post the report online in CommentPress (which I also wrote about a while back), making the text open to fine-grained commenting and discussion. Ithaka and the SPO are serious about seeking comment on the report; reactions and responses to this document may have a profound effect on shaping the future of academic discourse. Please stop by, read, and leave your thoughts and concerns for discussion.

(I’ll also take this opportunity to re-plug my paper on role of the social network in digital publishing, which focuses in part of CommentPress, which is also available for commenting in CommentPress. I’m beginning revisions on the piece, so your thoughts would be much appreciated.)

[Edited to add: Somehow I managed to let this post sit there for days without realizing that I hadn’t actually linked to the CommentPress version of the report. Sheesh.]


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