Is it a problem to have produced a 6800-word outline for a 5000-word essay?

(The good news is that I somewhat arbitrarily set the word-limit myself, so I can probably violate it at will. The other good news is that the essay is, by and large, written, though in bullet-form; some sentences need subjects and articles yet, but many of them are already in place, and just need reformatting. The less-good news is that that’s all I’ve accomplished so far this weekend. Off to run, now, so I can cross something else off the list…)


  1. I wish I could. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty specific topic (introductory survey of lit-crit approaches) which really can’t either be split in two or used elsewhere. It’s a shame — and makes me wonder why it’s so easy to go on at length about stuff like this and so hard to get focused enough to say much about my own work…?

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