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Running Log, Week 14

Mileage for week: 16 (was meant to be 28)

Number of run days: 2 (was meant to be 4)

Long run for week: 13

Aches, pains, complaints: I’m tired. Seriously tired. And overstressed. And tired. I made it through my 13 today, though much of it hurt (sore knees, perhaps because I’ve once again been failing to take my vitamins, perhaps because I haven’t gotten to eat a meal at home except on the weekends in eons; very sore arch in my left foot, which may indicate that I need to replace my shoes). One of the shorter mid-week runs was overcome by an early meeting; the other by my desperate need to sleep past 6.30 the morning after not getting to bed until 1.30. The time off was, I’m sure, a good thing; I’ve recovered from the 13 today fairly well. I’m still very nervous about the prospect of running twice as far, of course, and particularly nervous about the fact that I’m now entering the last week of my training schedule that does not have a marathon at the end of it. Interestingly, though, what I am looking forward to is finding a sensible level of training to maintain the fitness gains I’ve made over the last four months without subjecting myself to the massive ritual punishment of crazy long runs. Something sustainable. Which makes me think that, in fact, I may already have accomplished one of my major goals for this whole process: finish my training without burning out so badly this time around that I quit running for another six months.


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