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Where, exactly, did it go?

February 1, I returned from a five-day trip to New York.

February 8-13, I was in SoCal.

February 21-27, I was back in SoCal.

What this means is that I got to sabbaticalize ā€” I mean really control the structure of my day, focus on work, go to the gym, etc. ā€” 14 out of 28 days last month.

That would not be so bad except that: (1) the relentless turning of the calendar pages is making my sabbatical disappear at a much faster rate than the work is going, and worse, (2) what work time I have had has gotten sucked up into the index, such that Iā€™m still finishing an old project rather than making progress on a new one.

Grrr, and all that. (And back to it, with hopes that March is both slower and better.)


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