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SCMS-ward Bound (2006 edition)

After what seems like way more hassle than was strictly warranted for a little ERJ jaunt from BTR to IAH, I’m sitting in my favorite President’s club waiting for my flight to Vancouver and the SCMS. I’m talking about blogs, twice, in this workshop and on this panel, which immediately follows. Am I ready? Not even remotely. Am I excited? Hell yeah. Take a close look at the program, at what’s going on in Pavilion D on Friday: five new-media related panels in a row. Not all scheduled at the same time! Not in the remotest corners of the hotel! One of those panels is even about blogging, and it’s not mine!

Of course, I am doing my blog as narrative archive schtick, which I must now sit and attempt to cut ten minutes out of. If you’re in the area, or better still, at the conference, pop by tomorrow. I’ll hope to see you there.

[UPDATE: I apparently used this same title when I went to Atlanta in 2004, the last time I went to SCMS. No, I’m not terribly original right now.]


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