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Get Hip to This Timely Tip

Having picked up the 40 in Amarillo (despite hearing that Oklahoma City is oh-so-pretty), we sped on through Gallup, New Mexico, as well as Flagstaff, Arizona (don’t forget Winona), Kingman, Barstow —

— only to rediscover the fact that the stretch of the 15 between Barstow and San Bernadino is one of the most unattractive anywhere. Excepted from this, of course, is the Cajon Pass, which I have a vague memory of being beautiful, but its beauty was tempered by the facts that (a) we were suddenly on a totally packed five-lane freeway, being tailgated by folks doing 90 on some quite tight turns, and (b) we were descending into air that can only be described as brown. I’d forgotten that.

Anyhow, we made it to the area on Tuesday, and into the condo yesterday. Today, into the office. And very shortly, I hope, actual thinking again.


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