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Technology on the Road

1. The rest area on Highway 287 a few miles north of Chillicothe, Texas has open wireless. I didn’t use it, but I was sorely tempted to blog from there, the middle of freaking nowhere, solely because I could.

2. I did a pre-interview with a public radio producer today, talking to him on my cell phone while riding north on Highway 64 toward the Grand Canyon. The call only dropped once.

3. The mobile site I pulled up on my cell phone earlier today told me that the low tonight at Grand Canyon, AZ, would be 26 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, accessed through my browser confirms this. But the local news says it will be 38. The difference? The north rim is 1000 feet higher, and averages 10 degrees cooler.

Some stuff, I guess, technology can’t yet deal with.

(Should be arriving in SoCal tomorrow, and home on Wednesday. More then.)


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