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Goodbye, Summer

I’m sitting in an airport lounge, using the stupidly expensive wifi to post this entry, not least because it’s distracting me from the fact(s) that:

  1. I’m still a year older today, but the celebratory part is over.

  2. I’m leaving R. here for four weeks, as I head home without him.

  3. Pretty much immediately upon my return home, the mad dash to the semester’s opening begins. Summer, it seems, is officially behind us.

That said, it was a pretty good one, and the long weekend in the DC area was lovely — good birthday, good time with R., good end of summer festivities. A few images from yesterday’s trek through Georgetown, on my way to a very nice lunch with Scott McLemee (thanks again, Scott!):

First off, this is what one sees immediately upon crossing the Key Bridge Virginia-ward (“Welcome to Virginia! Now Slow the Hell Down”):


Next, looking toward Georgetown, I’ve decided that what the College Just South of the Hill is missing is a great facility for its crew team. Well, and a crew team.

Well, and a body of water.


Finally, for the moment (my flight beckons), something for the future Lance Armstrong in your life. (You can’t quite tell from the photo, I’m afraid, but the shirt is teeny, and is hanging from the handlebars of the smallest bike I’ve ever seen training wheels on.)

[Mini Lance](<javascript:popem('/images/minilance.jpg','Mini Lance',597,399);>)

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