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Monday Morning Condo Blogging, vol. 2

Of course, the builders of my new condo complex poured most of their attention for the first several months of construction into the buildings that house the models; of the loft-style buildings, two are complete. My building constituted the sixth release of properties for sale, and was, as of June 26, in this state:

[Framing 1](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/framing_1.jpg','Framing 1',599,399);>)

My building is the middle one of the three; my apartment is on the at-this-point nonexistent third floor. The word from the builders is that they’re going to be sufficiently done, such that they can get a certificate of occupancy (the famous “C of O”) from the city, such that we can close, in November/December. Since the outset, though, I’ve been planning on something much more akin to January, as they don’t seem to be progress with terrific speed. Here’s the place on July 3, which is, granted, only a week later:

[Framing 2.1](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/framing_2.1.jpg','Framing 2.1',599,399);>)

The third floor has begun taking shape. I’m gratified to see that already my balcony can support a hefty load of two-by-fours; I like stability in a balcony.

[Framing 2.2](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/framing_2.2.jpg','Framing 2.2',599,399);>)

The rear balcony also seems nice and supportive, though of smaller loads.

[Framing 2.3](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/framing_2.3.jpg','Framing 2.3',599,399);>)

The pace of construction appears to have picked up a bit while I was in Hawaii, I’m pleased to say, though I’m still a little dubious of the 2004 closing. Next week: where we were last week.


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