The View From Here

I left SoCal on Thursday, headed to DC for a little birthday-related celebration activity. Between the day of flying (in which one gets up at what R. refers to as zero-dark-thirty, gets on a plane, deplanes and runs across an airport to one’s already-boarding second plane, deplanes, drives into town, eats dinner, and goes to bed) and the day of recovery, the posting thing has been not happening. I’ve been playing with my pal’s Optio S4i, though, and am so pleased to present you with The View From Here:


It’s easy to forget, in the Brown State (brown hills, brown fields, brown air), how ungodly green many places on this continent are. The change is refreshing, if brief. More soon, I hope.


  1. Wow. You’re like down the street, looks like 😉

    Enjoy the green. Too bad you weren’t in town last weekend when it was like 70 degrees.

  2. Yeah, I heard it was gorgeous. It’s really okay; I’m just enjoying it being something less than 90 degrees, and with actual moisture in the air. I even got rained on this morning. I’d forgotten what that feels like!

    (Incidentally, R. and I are here. The hotel itself is only okay, but the just-across-the-river environs can’t be beat.)

  3. Ah, I think L. and I stayed there for an anniversary once?

    Enjoy DC – feel free to swing by the Old Post Office for a quick coffee (or Ben & Jerry’s ice cream) if you’re around next week.

  4. If you’re lucky you’ll get a real DC downpour, thunder, lightening, the whole bit.

    This is a ‘herders town, so there are plenty of folks to visit with depending on your time.

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