Grand Prix

Here are words I hope never to have to say again: I have packed my emergency evacuation kit, and can be ready to get out of the house in ten minutes or less.

Updates since last night:

–The Grand Prix fire, which began north of Rancho Cucamonga, and the Old fire, near San Bernadino, have merged into one 35-mile wall of fire, after one or the other managed to jump an eight-lane freeway.

–50 homes in the northern part of Claremont (Padua Hills and Claraboya) have burned.

–That part of Claremont north of Baseline Road is under mandatory evacuation.

–The fire has thus far cost over $6 million to fight, not including the cost of the damage that it has done.

–Both the Grand Prix and the Old fires are believed to be the result of arson.

I’m not expecting to be evacuated, but I’m ready if I need to be. I’ve got the laptop, and will hope to keep you posted.

[UPDATE, 10.26.03, 1.15 pm: I adore my institution, and I do think we’re relatively safe here, but this strikes me as recklessly optimistic.]


  1. I’m sure this is far from the first time anyone’s mentioned it, but doesn’t this year seem to be a little… Old Testament Vengeful Yahweh? Let’s look at a couple facts.

    The wise citizens of Caleeforneeah elect the highly-unqualified orgy-participant, elderly bodybuilder Ahnold Himself, for Governor. Subsequently, fires sweep across the southern part of the state, causing untold property damage and killing quite a few people.

    Mel Gibson makes a movie based in its own twisted way on the Bible. The actor who plays Jesus is struck by lightning. Another crew member (given the lovely nickname of Lightning Boy) was also struck in the incident – the SECOND time he’d been struck while filming the movie. A line shamelessly cribbed from I don’t even know who: how many times does God have to repeat Himself?

    The law of three suggests another entry here, but I don’t know what it would be. Frogs, maybe, or perhaps the sun stopping in its path across the sky.

    Be careful!

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