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Out of the Ashes

Here’s the part where I start feeling guilty — because we’ve been spared, largely, here in Claremont. And so I start thinking things like “whew, that was close” and “thank goodness that’s over” when in fact it’s gotten so much worse in other parts of the state.

The evacuations in Claremont and surrounding towns have ended and even the air here has largely cleared today. Largely, meaning no visible ash in the air; largely, meaning I could walk outside without my mucous membranes going into immediate revolt. Largely, meaning there was actually some blue visible in the sky today.

Thanks for the good wishes; I’m now officially passing those wishes on to folks in San Diego, in Simi Valley, and in Big Bear, where they need them more.

I’m headed to Boston tomorrow, and will return on Thursday. My conference starts on Friday, assuming I can convince the speakers that they’re not flying into Armageddon. I’ll hope to be posting more good news, of more varieties, very soon.

[UPDATE, 10.27.03, 9.59 pm: Thanks to all of you one more time for your good wishes, and your concern today when my hosting provider tanked. An inauspicious, if dramatic, moment to go incommunicado. You’re the best. Every last one of you.]


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