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I took off from Ontario this morning, not only on time but a full ten minutes early (Pilot: “Well, folks, everybody’s here, so we’re gonna go”). The skies were relatively clear, much as yesterday — visible smoke, but visible sky as well — and the faint smell of smoke was not much more overwhelming than that found when walking down a neighborhood street during winter.

But once airborne, both the fires themselves and their precipitating causes were immediately visible — smoke in the air, sparse desert vegetation, arid land. Brown in every direction, as far as the eye could see.

What a shock, then, to land in Minneapolis to find that it was 40 degrees cooler, and raining. And that rain had been a snow flurry some minutes earlier. Boston is not quite that cool, but still lovely. One of the people I met here today complained that there’s supposed to be rain tomorrow, and I just wanted to cheer.

I can’t bring the rain home with me, but I will apparently be bringing something much needed — the temperature is falling, the humidity is rising, and the winds are falling still. What was a high of 102 two days ago will be a high of 66 on Thursday.

Here’s wishing everyone a little cool, and a little wet, and a little more appreciation thereof.



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