Hear, Hear!

Via meg, a new response to the Ivan Tribble column, “Bloggers Need Not Apply,”, this one published as a letter to the editor in this week’s Chronicle of Higher Education. Writes David R. Sewell, the Editorial and Technical Manager of the University of Virginia Press’s electronic imprint:

It may be unwise, as the pseudonymous Ivan Tribble suggests, for an academic job seeker to permit too much self-disclosure in a blog that members of hiring committees may read, whether or not the job seeker invites them to do so. And revealing too much on a blog may even be unprofessional.

But at least it is not loathsome. That is an adjective I would reserve for the behavior of a humanities professor hiding behind a pseudonym who assigns mocking epithets to unsuccessful applicants and describes their online publishing activity in sufficient detail that any of them who chance to read “Bloggers Need Not Apply” (Careers, July 8) will surely recognize themselves as the object of the professor’s pitiless scorn.

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  1. As was previewed in Mr. Sewell’s contributions to the comments here:


  2. Thanks for sharing this — what an awesome summary of the sheer snarkiness of Tribble.

    Your original post on the article, btw, was my favorite of the dozens I read.

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