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Radio Silence

There’s not been much in the way of posting from here, in part because that trickle of leaky wi-fi has been erratic at best (damn leaky wi-fi! Be reliable!), and in part because I’ve been too relaxed even to recognize material around me worth blogging. I haven’t even pulled out either of the cameras once since we got here; for once, I’m experiencing, not recording.

And I also haven’t posted in part because I’ve actually been writing. Or not really writing. More pre-writing — the kinds of preliminary work that are necessary before launching on a big new project. In this case, that preliminary work requires writing, but they’re sentences that no one but me will ever see, so it’s hard for me to think of them as “writing,” per se.

Whatever; the point is I’ve been doing that writing, and not this writing. This is the other reason I haven’t posted much: brain is in a pretty comfortable afternoon-nap and mai-tai fog. I’m starting to look forward to clearing out those cobwebs, to doing a serious de-tox and house-getting-in-order in preparation for the fall. I know it’s perverse of me to be thinking about that with the ocean in front of me, but… well, it’s par for the course.

This completely useless post brought to you by my next mai-tai.


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