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Life Without HBO

So last night, we’re flipping through the channels and trying to pretend like we don’t realize that we’re missing the second-to-last Six Feet Under ever, and we stumble across a Japanese-language channel, KBFD, which is apparently airing some kind of soap opera. Apparently, because while the thing was subtitled, we only saw about thirty seconds’ worth, but those thirty seconds were worth an awful lot.

To wit: a very good-looking upper-middle class Japanese couple is having a screaming fight. Or at least she’s screaming; he appears to be in massive retreat. What we catch of the dialogue is the following:

He: Okay, okay — and I’ll stop taking the cooking class!

She: And get rid of your blog right now!

At which point their small child appears, and tearfully asks why mommy and daddy are fighting again. “It’s okay,” her mother tells her, tears streaming down her own face. “Mommy’s just very angry.”

I found myself awake much of the night obsessing over this scene. Had his outside interests really carried him so far away from his familial responsibilities that the benefits of the cooking class were completely overshadowed by the mere fact of his periodic absence from the home? And what was it about his blog that was so upsetting? His links to the hot mommy bloggers? His comment-thread political arguments? His repeated dissing of the MSM?

Alas, we moved on in our channel-surfing, so I have no idea how it all turned out. But the speculation is at least 80% of the fun.


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